Friends of the Pops
2016-17  Concert Season

The Richmond Pops Band recognizes these individuals who have contributed to our 2016-17 Concert Season.   Their generous support has allowed us to present "Admission Free" programs to over 10,000 people this year.   We appeal to all our loyal patrons,  who may have the means to contribute,  to send a donation and help us continue our long standing tradition of "Free Community Programs".   The Pops Band is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.
Join the "Friends of the Pops".    Your support is greatly appreciated.

Sponsors     ($1000 and above)

Dominion Foundation
Evelyn Hall
Christine Hanlon

Bee and Floyd Lewis
Wick and Martha Lyne
Erica Sena
Benefactors     ($300 and above)

Richard and Florence Anderson
Wes and Ethel Andrews
George and Ellen Atwell
Martin and Gloria Barbie
David and Kathy Bauer
William and Joan Blackmon
Wayne and Carole Blankenship
Ann and Frank Blitchington
Joseph and Carol Boisineau
LTC George and Darlene Bowers
Otis and Frances Brown
John and Valecia Bruce
Larry and Lois Buchanan
Frank and Teresa Buehren
Howard and Mary Busbee
Clarence and Pat Butler
Jim and Christine Campbell
Anne Caravati
Jane Carlton
Clell and Shirley Catron
Cedarfield Retirement Community - Allison Kahelski
Claude and Elma Cooper
Gary Cowardin & Nancy Parker
Sidney Cox, Robin Petrine, and Mike Barr
Betsy Craig and David Lyons
Evelyn Crotty
Gerald Dackin
Brenda G. Epperson
Bernard and Dana Eudailey
Tom and Norma Fallen
Sara Fleming
Donald Fretz & Judith T. Smith

Dan and Gloria Freye
Dan Gecker
Richard and Martha Gladfelter
Lyle and Karen Gleason
Shelley Gravatt
Richard and Bonnie Hadden
Joseph Henry
Tom & Maura Higginbotham
Dick and Carolyn Hoagland
Robert and Cynthia Hodges
Richard and Geny Holtz
Martha J. Horine
Carolyn Horner
Gary and Carol Hotchkiss
Philip and Judy Johnson
Marilyn Joyce
Erna Jung
Sadie L. Kennedy
Larry and Carol Koon
Cynthia Kubat
Gary Larimer
Stephen and Maria Lenett
John and Joan Lenzi
Paul and Jacquelyn Lindsey
Virginia Luck
Bill and Nancy Mayes
Libby McCarthy
Carl and Judith Mendoza
Dixie G. Mertens
Deborah Mitchell
Adolph Moller
Phyllis Moore

John and Lynn Moreau
Dottie Nielsen
Sandra Pohnert
Earl and Meta Potts
Bruce Ripley
Alan and Veera Roddy
Harold Rohrs
Richard Ruff
Zebulon and Hazel Saunders
Guy and Merrille Scida
Tommy Sears
Carl and Robin Simms
James and Rebecca Slagle
Larue Sprouse
James and Hazel Stewart
Phil and Lynn Stumpf
Wayne and Brenda Styles
Morris and Roberta Sutton
Bob and Janice Tate
Judy Terbush
Phil and May Thomas
Anthony Toler
Dr. Joseph and Suzanne Toler
Andre and Theresa Tremper
Paul and Pat Vetter
VFW Post 9808 - Ed Mann, Commander
Tim and Sue Williams
Linda Wilson
Jack and Mary Wolfe
Deborah Wooten
John Wray and Cathy Rolfe
Andrew and Virginia Yanishak
Thomas and Diane Yates
Patrons     ($125 and above)

Doris Adams
Sharon Ahlin
Jeanne N. Allen
Mark and Judy Alonzi
Charles and Barbara Altizer
Frank and Barbara Anders
Tom and Lynn Anderson
Margie Ashburn
John and Martha Beall
Marion and Mary Beaumont
Richard and Nancy Becker
Charles and Sally Bennett
Mary Anne Bennett
David and Diane Berg
Louis and MaryAnn Bernier
Carolyn Dunn Berry
James Boykin
Brandermill Retirement Community - Willia Lloyd
Matt and Mary Lou Bristol
Ann Brown
Catherine Brown
Mary Brown
Hayden & Margaret Brownson
Elizabeth Burks
Ruth Canaan
Robert and Paige Carpenter, Jr.
Thomas Carpenter
Carl and Shirley Chewning
Edward and Susan Conklin
John and Vicky Conover
Christopher and Lesley Cosby
Clarence and Mary Coxon
Betsy Craig and David Lyons
Bob and Kay Creasy
Dr. Henry and Valerie Creech
Jimmy Creech
Richard and Bonnie Crossen
Robert Cruikshank
Bonnie and Polly Culley
Thomas Daughtrey
Terry and Gwendolyn Donohue
Kathy Donovan and Edward Kast
Martha Draper
Samuel and Sarah Dunn
Wayne and Pat Eggleston
Col. Leon Elsarelli
Carol Estes
Charles F. Finley, Jr.
James and Suzanne Fiscus
Mary Foust
Jane Garrett
Nick and Sharyn Gemelos
Ronald and Leska Gibson

Shannon and Kaylene Gimbert
Gerald and Kathleen Gliebe
Grace Gulick
Richard and Bonnie Hadden
James and Dorothy Hall
Mark and Beth Hall
Thomas and Sue Harkins
Claude Harrison
Patricia Hasty
David and Jane Haught
Walt and Patsy Hayden
Joseph Henry
Thomas and Donna Henry
Charles and Ellen Hewitt
Lynn and Carolyn Hillman
Terry and Robyn Hilton
Dick and Carolyn Hoagland
Carolyn Horner
Walter and Barbara Howson
Claudia Duval Hughes
Roger and Linda Hultgren
William Hunter
Linda W. Jones
Barbara Juwa
Delbert Kayser and Janice Meck
Helen Kelley
Helen Kelley
Malcolm and Sherry Kerley
Frank and Peggy Kish
Anne Kraft
Charles and LaRae Kramer
Ed and Mary Ann Landi
June Landrum
William Lauzonis
Clay and Betty Leonard
George and Agnes Lorentzen
Daniel and Donna Ludwig
Marian Mahon
Daniel and Irma Mariani
Andrew and Linda Marotta
Richard and Karen Martin
Helen Mason
Marie Massey
Floyd and Beverley Maxey
Bob and Billie McCray
Fredric and Gail McGhee
Shirley McMichen
Charles and Jan McPherson
Jacqui McShane
Julian and Elizabeth Metts
Jack and Jo Mitchell
Wade Morasco
Karen Motley

Winfree Mountcastle
Thomas Nolan
Lindy E. Oakley
George and Iris Odom
Thomas and Marion O'Donnell
Joe and Betty Oliver
Kenneth and Gayle Orange
Jim and Bonnie Overacre
Joyce Pemberton
Don and Mana Preskitt
Robert and Barbara Priddy
Don and Margaret Raab
Chuck and Page Reece
Jean Reid
Lee Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds
Jon and Jane Roach
Luana Roberts
Jack and Pat Schmidt
Fred and Mary Schneider
Leo and Dorothy Seal
Alvin and Marlene Sherman
Jerome and Betty Skaggs
Patricia A. Smith
Shirley Smith
Arthur and Marcy Somers
Mike and Debbie Southard
Jerry and Judith Spivey
Jim and Linda Struve
William & Debra Swackhamer
June Taylor
Judy Terbush
Bruce Thompson
Bonnie Tinsley
William and Ann Todd
Gregory and Mabel Toler
Bobby and Jayne Ukrop
Ronnie and Sue Vaughan
Andrew and Ann Voorhis
Debra Walker
Dennis and Sandra Walker
Tom and Jean Washburn
Ray Weimer
Fred and Marie Wilt
David Winecoff
Jack and Helen Winn
Lee and Karen Winne
Charles and Ellen Womble
Thomas and Paula Wriston
Thomas and Annie Wyatt
Cheryl Yancey
Ken and Carolyn Zadoyko
Supporters     ($35 and above)

Vera and Maris Adcock
Robert and Elsie Adler
William and Peggy Alcoke
Douglas and Gina Alexander
Herman and LuAnn Allen
Beth Alley
Marie Anderson
Thomas and Carrie Arnall
Larry and Helen Arnold
Anthony and Doris Arrighi
Bailey and Joan Ashworth
Duke and Rose Askew
Albert and Mary Atkinson
Ryland and Lynette Bailey
Lee Bank
Joe and Barbara Barker
Tony and Jean Barnette
Letty Beament
Jean Bear
Marilyn Beckwith
Gary and Jeaninne Beden
Thomas and Bonnie Behm
Frank and Marilyn Bell
Ivars and Jeannette Bemberis
John and Elaine Benko
Patricia Bennett
Dennis and Toni Berry
Rebecca Berry
Chris and Marilyn Birchall
Danny and Norma Birchett
Annis and Charlotte Blair
Jean Blankenship
Paul and Lindsay Bodenstine
Michael and Linda Boggs
Don and Toni Boldt
Elizabeth and Jonah Bowles
Dora Bowman
Leonard and Patricia Bozza
Emma Bradley
John and Janice Bradley
Richard Brandau
Wellington and Barbara Brandis
John and Pat Brauer
Laveda Brayboy
William and Stephany Breed
George and Elizabeth Brengel
William Brobst & Dorothy Hager
Sonia Brokaw
Margaret and Daniel Brown
Mary J. Brown
John and Peggy Brubaker
John and Gail Bruch
Wayne and Linda Brule
John and Gail Brunch
Judy Bryant
Linda Budi
Henry and Suzanne Bulifant
Gary and Diane Burke
Milton and Nancy Burner
Donald Burriesci
Janice Caldwell
George Calvert
Annette Carbone
Joyce Cardoza
Robert and Barbara Carlson
Joy L. Carlton
James Carr
Michael and Joyce Carter
Wes and Nancy Carver
Larry and Carolyn Caulder
Ireita Cauthen
Milton and Patricia Cerny
Barry and Nancy Chamberlain
Norman and Bernice Chattin
Edward and Olga Chew
Juanita Cirillo
Michael and Janice Clark
Bryant and Margaret Clarke
Dot and Lyn Claybrook
Herbert and RoseMarie Clayman
Joanne D. Clift
Dr. and Alisanne Clifton
Miller and MaryAnne Cole
Roger and Mary Collier
Dave and Carolyn Collins
Jean Collins
Denise Combs
Donna Combs
Steven and Brigitte Combs
Georgia Comfort
Lee and Jane Conner
Bart and Peggy Connors
Laughton and Ruby Corr
Russell and Donna Cottrell
Annie Mae Cowardin
Edward and Joan Craze
David and Carolyn Crighton
Patricia Crossan
James and Margaret Cullinan
Louis and Charlotte Cunningham
Christopher and Kristi Curley
Samuel and Virginia Dalton
Carolyn Davidson
Linda Davidson
William and Betty Davidson
Richard and Jill Davies
Bill Davis
Buddy and Mary Jean Davis
Sue Davis
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Deans
Stephen and Linda DeGaetani
Warren and Ernestine Delaney
Beverly Derr
Barbara Dickenson
Robert and Barbara Dickerson
Dominick and Judy DiMeo
Ruby Donovan
Tom and Pat Doran
Richard and Beverley Dowdey
Gerry Doyle
Edward and Barbara Drachman
Julianna Duke
David and Isa Dunaway
Kirk and Jo Ellen Dunklee
Pat and Delores Dunn
Jim and Judith Edwards
Pamella Edwards
Patricia Edwards
Thomas and Ruth Edwards
Robert and Merri Egbert
Timothy and Jane Elder
Judy Elliott - Walnut Grove Church
Donald and Alice Ellis
Ken and Connie Emerson
Virginia Engler
Jerold and Sandra Evans
Doris Ewing
Anne Fanelli
Charles and Phyllis Farnsworth
Bruce and Lois Fauth
Richard and Cindi Feerick
Ben Fenton
EJ and Bethany Finnegan-Seay
Winfred and Virginia Fitzgerald
Jack and Elizabeth Fletcher
Horace and Barbara Ford
Edgar Fox
Gene and Meg Francke
Jim and Jennie Fritz
Michael and Mary Fyock
Ronald Gale
William and Virginia Galli
Richard and Bonnie Garrett
Ursula Gebhardt
Carol Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. William Giles
Garland and Joanne Gills
Anne Glubiak
Barbara Goehle
Violet Gonzalez
Stanley and Jean Goode

Gene and Delores Goodrich
Ray and Ruta Goodwin
Jim and Kathy Goranson
Anne Gordon
Elizabeth Gordon
Patricia Graham
Kathleen Grana
Brenda and Wayne Gray
Mr. and Mrs. William Lacy Gray
Douglas and Jane Green
Jean Greenberg
Doug and Cindy Greer
Jim and Brenda Griffin
Abel and Irma Guajardo
Lisa Hafker
Marleen Hagan
Michael and Nancy Hall
Helen Hamilton
William and Frances Hampton
John and Martha Hancock
James and Mary Hanifer
Rick and Chris Hanks
Janis Hannuksela
Jeffrey and Marsha Hanzel
Happy Wonders of St. Andrews - Gravit
Jim and Linda Hartz
Kevin and Lorena Harvey
Frank and Eileen Haurand
Earl and Lynda Hawkins
Mary Hayden
Ronnie and Renee Heath
Ellen Helton
Charles and Barbara Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez
Earl and Carol Hilton
Weston and Lori Hinden
Gary and Shirley Hinkson
Randolph and Sue Hinson
Bert and Joyce Hobson
Mark Hodges
Kathryn Hodson
Miriam Hoffman
Richard and Ellen Hollands
Richard and Joyce Holloway
Chester and Jeanne Holly
Mark Houser
Elsie Houston
Virginia Hudert
Gene Huffman
Glynis Boyd Hughes
Doug and Kitty Hughes-Brackett
Ray and Margaret Hummel
Sue Hurley
Randall and Marilyn Hurt
John and Theresa Janca
Lin Jaquette
Floyd and Joan Jarvis
Barrett M. Johnson
Donald and Margaret Johnson
Doris Johnson
Jimmy and Mary Johnson
Dr. William and Emily Johnston
Charles and Linda Jones
Janet K. Jones
Shirley Jones
Joyce Kavanaugh
Aida Keller
David and Paula Keller
Dorothy Kelley
Delma Kemmet
Alice Kendrick
Thomas and Macrina Kern
Doe and Dee Kildare
Gerald and Joy Kilgore
Bill and Laverne King
Kathy King
Ralph Kirk
Richard and Linda Kish
Bertie and Lee Kitchen
Barbara Knecht
Barbara Knightly
Valerie Knorr
James and Brenda Knupp
Cheryl Kohring
Norma Kohtz
Richard and Pat Koll
John and Donna Kontopanos
Maison and McKenna Kramer
Matt and Kelly Kundrot
Gene Ladin
Jim and Ginny Landes
Allen and Diana Lane
Victor and Barbara Larson
Martin and Linda Laser
Virginia Lavender
Mike and Donna Lawrence
James and Alma Leap
George Lechner
Clifton and Kimberly Lee
Joseph and Dorothy Lensinboltz
Ron and Barbara Lester
Anne Leveridge
Sharon Lewis
Amelia Lightner
Laura Lincoln
Mike and Maria Lindell
Steve and Miriam Lindsey
Robert and Ellen Lockard
J.R Logan
Arthur and Susan Long
Ayars and Barbara Lore
Mildred Lucas
Joan Luebehusen
Carl Lynch
Alan and Judy Lyons
Ginny Lysinger
Scott Mackie
Lucinda Maddock
Mark Malkin
Doris Manley
Terry and Phyllis Maples
Shirley Bonnor Marshall
Martha Martin
Roy and Jean Martin
Kathleen Martine
Willie and Eva Marz
Lolean Matthews
Nancy Mattox
Robert Maxwell
Ted and Anita McConnell
Sidney and Brenda McCormac
Nancy McCoy
Tim McCullough
Walter McNair
Carole Messenger
Arnold and Naomi Meyer
Hugh and Judith Miles
Carol Martin-Miller
Ida Puryear Miller
Betty Mills
Marrian Mills
Deborah Minter
Jerry and Donna Moody
Ernest and Betty Mooney
Barbara Moore
Charles Moore, Sr.
Frederic and Karen Moore
Barbara Morgan
Donald Moro
Dale and Brenda Morris
Bruce and Kathleen Morrison
William Motley
Barbara Mueller
Lewis and Toni Myers
Nellie Newman
Frances Newton
Ron and Patti Nicholas
Debbie Niemeier
Dennis Nofsinger
Shaun Norr
Tommy and Bonnie Norwood

Doris O'Brien
Randall and Linda O'Neal
Bernice Oppenhimer
Noel and Elizabeth Owers
James and Myungh Pak
Stella Pancham
Marie Parker
Vernon and Susan Parker
L. C. and Ann Partin
Robert and Joyce Partin
Robert and Ann Passmore
Dwight and Nancy Payne
Gene and Pat Payne
Gary and Sandy Pearson
Paul Pelletier & Kittygayle McMoon
David and Jeane Pemberton
Danny and Mary Lou Pennell
Ned and Sharon Peple
Stephen and Iralin Peple
Tuck and Helen Perkins
Barbara Perry
James and Mary Pierce
William and Faye Pitt
Brenda Pleasant
Sonia Zinder Pod
Ed Polich
Georgia Pollard
Richard and Phyllis Powers
Eloise Price
Minnie Pridgen
Paul and Mary Propst
Omer and Mary Pugh
Jack and Marsha Reeves
James and Jude Rhodes
Julie Rhodes
Carolyn Rice
Don and Jo Richardson
Roger and Elizabeth Riggle
Rodger Ritts and Jane Ingram
Larry and Kay Robertson
Virginia Robertson
Victor and Susan Rodgers
John and Melanie Rodriguez
James and Christiane Rogers
Phyllis Rogers
Pat Rooney
Norman and Gwen Rose
Mary Rountrey
John and Elaine Ryan
Fran Sadler
Sharon Sampsell
J. Gerald Sanders
James and Linda Sanford
David and Laura Savage
Cal Sawyer
James and Rachel Schmidt
Janette Schneck
Robert Schneider
John and Kathy Schultheis
Robert and Barbara Scott
Michael Shaw
Constance Shearin
John and Christine Sheffield
Dr. Felix and Dorothy Shepard
Pite and Kathleen Sherman
John and Doreen Sherrier
Mohsen and Laila Shoukri
Ricky and Michele Shuman
Pamela Silk
Alan Silver
Eleanor Simmons
Sandra Simms
Troy and Ann Slonaker
Mary Small
John and Judy Smith
Patricia Smith
Phil and Joyce Smith
Philip and Roberta Smith
Woody and Betty Snapp
Robert and Betty Snead
Michael Sobel
Frank and Gene Stahl
Elizabeth Stallings
Joyce Stancill
Allison Starr and Patricia Parker
Bert and Nancy Stewart
Shirley Stewart
Sam and Rita Stocks
Hal and Carol Storck
Tom and Sandra Storey
Clinton and Dorothy Strong
Thomas and Gloria Stumm
JoAnn Sturgill
Vivian Sullivan
Bernard and Barbara Swann
Sarah Swisher
Sibyl Telfian
Lois Thatcher
Finnie and Mary Ann Theofanos
David and Patricia Thomas
Connie Thome
Carolyn Thompson
Gene and Loretta Thompson
Willaim and Ana Thompson
Robert and Carol Tilton
Martha Tingler
Barbara D. Tinsley
William and Barbara Tinsley
Janet Titley
Bob and Joyce Treibley
J. Trossbach
Judy Tumlin
Margaret Turner
Thomas and Nancy Tyndall
Lewis and Carol Ullman
Timothy and Anne Urenda
Barclay Utley
Barbara Vanlandingham
Clay and Judith Vaughan
Buster and Jackie Vest
Sasha Viehl
Audrey Vogen
Carolyn Walker
Tony and Kay Walker
Warren and Nancy Walker
Catherine Wallace
M.H. Watson
Richard F. Watson
Dawn Weber
Linda Welch
Jay Welliver
Fred Wells
Peggy Werner
Jean Whitby
Joe and Caroline White
Dean and June Wikowsky
Robert Wilber
Nancy Wilkinson
Edward and Peggy Williams
Shirley Williams
Betty Willis
James and Deborah Wilson
Lawrence and Golda Wilson
Joyce Wilson-Clemmons
Evelyn Windmueller
Phin and Helen Wood
Leonard and Carrie Woodall
Pamela Woolard
Martha and John Worsham
Allen and Linda Wright
Bob and Jill Wright
Dorothy Wyatt
Sharon Seymore Yago
Dan and Betty Jo Yates
David Yates
Joseph Yates
Vera Yesbeck
Allen and Barbara Young
Linwood and Jean Zitta
Michael Zuccaro